AccountSME – formazione per le PMI per l’adozione degli Standard Internazionali di Contabilità – English version

EU Programme
Leonardo da Vinci Programme

October 2006 – October 2008

Cyprus College (Cyprus)


• COFIMP (Italy)
• Sentel (Greece)
• West Pomeranian Business School (Poland)
• CNIPMMR (Romania)
• AVANZZA (Spain)
• Developa (Bulgaria)
• Castlereagh Enterprises Ltd (Northern Ireland)


The main aim of the project is to offer support through appropriate training to SMEs for the adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards as these become available and are implemented in the Member States.

Specific objectives:

1. Improving the skills and competences of those working in the SME sectors (both managers within enterprises, and their accountants) in areas related to the new Financial Reporting Standards.
2. Reducing the cost incurred by SMEs in adapting to the new Standards, improve their financial management, and increase the compliance of enterprises with the new regulations.
3. Developing a training portal for the SMEs with limited resources which would consist of training material (courses and methods of self-assessment) and related resources and links.

Target groups: middle and top management of SMEs who have the responsibility to ensure that their enterprise conforms with all applicable regulations; personnel within SMEs who will be responsible for preparing internal accounts; small/medium sized accountancy firms with SMEs clients; students and graduates from related academic backgrounds seeking to improve their knowledge in this area, and thus their employability in a competitive job market; local authorities and confederations of SMEs seeking to improve the competitiveness of the local economy by promoting the introduction of the new Standards, with their resulting benefits in terms of transparency and improved access to finance.