ATMOSnet – Aerobical Territorial Mediterranean-Oriental Systemic network – English version

EU Programme
Community Initiative Programme INTERREG III B ARCHIMED
Measure 3.3 – European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

01/06/2006 – 31/12/2007


ARPAC – Regional Agency for the Environmental Protection of Campania
Via Vicinale Santa Maria del Pianto
Centro Polifunzionale, Torre 1 – 80143 Napoli (Italy)
Phone: +39 081 2326332
Web site:
Staff Responsible Coordination Project: arch. Anna Maria Matrone


• ARPAC – Regional Agency for the Environmental Protection of Campania (Italy)
• APAT – Agency for the Environmental Protection and for Technical Services (Italy)
• Sicily Region Government (Italia)
• AUTH – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
• UoM – University of Malta – Institute of Agriculture (Malta)


ATMOSnet project aims to define a shared and standardised methodology of air dispersed pollen monitoring to contribute to the study of the impacts induced by the climate changes in the Mediterranean area, with particular reference to drought and tendential desertification.

Pollens are significant bio indicators of the climate changes, since the increase of temperature that characterized the climatic evolution of the last decades has determined the modification on the timing and way of flowering in many typical herbaceous and arboreal plants of the eastern Mediterranean.

At the beginning of 2007 among Campania, Sicily, Greece and Malta it has been activated a net of 13 pilot stations, where pollen traps were located and that represent the first nucleus of an experimental network of air biological monitoring among Eastern Mediterranean Countries.

The air biological data were collected by using an agreed and standardised system of pollen monitoring, aimed not only to preventing allergy but also to create further possible forecasting models linked to the drought and desertification phenomenon and to the impacts on the production of particular agricultural cultivations.

The outputs of the monitoring activities, collected in a specific data management software, are spread through the website, where the study and analysis contributions of the numerous experts of the scientific and university world intervened to the project’s meeting held in Naples, Malta, Palermo and Thessaloniki are also reported.

The results of the experimentation could provide an useful contribution for a better understanding of the climatic change phenomenon in the Centre Eastern Mediterranean Area, as well as an instruments for the European Community that could acknowledged the proposal to extend in the future such cooperation to the whole Mediterranean region, including also the African coastal strip Countries. ATMOSnet project has been coordinated by ARPAC, as Lead Partner, in collaboration with the Partners APAT, Sicily Region, University of Thessaloniki and University of Malta.

Total Budget: 1.160.618,71 EUR
ERDF: 726.642,61 EUR
National Funding: 433.976,11 EUR