eLene-EE: Creating models for efficient use of elearning. Introducing Economics of elearning – English version

EU Programme
eLearning Programme: eLearning Call for Proposals DG EAC/23/05

February 2006 – July 2008


Umeå University (Svezia)
SE – 901 87 Umeå
Web site: http://www.umu.se/umu/index_eng.html
Contact: Mikael Sjoberg
E-mail: mikael.sjoberg@cut.umu.se


• Umeå University (Svezia)
• CANEGE (Francia)
Politecnico di Milano – Centro METID (Italia)
• Open University of Catalonia – UOC (Spagna)
• Polish Virtual University (Poland)

Supporting partners:
o Finnish Virtual University – FVU (Finlandia)
o University of Bremen (Germania)
o University of Utrecht (Paesi Bassi)


European collaboration for improving Economics managing in e-learning

eLene-EE, together with eLene-TT (e-Learning network for Teacher Training), and eLene-TLC (eLene-Teaching and Learning Centre), is promoted by eLene consortium.

eLene-EE aims to increase knowledge concerning the incentives to create virtual campuses and to initiate teaching methods in education based on ICT and its effects, ensuring that this is efficiently carried out while reflecting the various situations from the partner universities.

eLene-EE proposes to tackle the following issues:

o How much does it really cost to set up and run a virtual campus?
o What impact does e-learning have on student performance and what are the possible spill-over effects?
o What indicators do we have at our disposal to track the efficiency of e-learning?
o Can e-learning help to bridge the digital divide?

Project findings will help elearning units (for example HEI, schools, firms, external providers), learners (e.g. students, un-/employed people), financiers (private as well as public), and decision makers to build up, adapt, and improve their elearning initiatives.

The main eLene-EE event was the conference on Economics of E-learning (Paris, December 13 – 14, 2007).

717.940 EUR

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