eLene – TLC : Preparing universities for the ne(x)t generation of students – English version

EU Programme
EAC – eLearning Programme: 2006-4536/001-001 ELE-ELEB14

January 2007 – December 2008


Canege, Université Nancy 2 (France)
UN2 – 9, rue Michel Ney – BP 30722 – 54064 Nancy cedex
Tel: 0033 (0) 383350909
Fax: 0033 (0) 383327481
Web site: http://www.univ-nancy2.fr/VIDEOSCOP/index.htm
Contact: Deborah Arnold
E-mail: deborah.arnold@univ-nancy2.fr


• CANEGE – Vidéoscop-Univ. Nancy 2, Univ. Paris-Dauphine, Paris-Sud, Nice Sofia Antipolis, CNED-Eifad (France)
Politecnico di Milano – METID (Italy)
• Universität Bremen (Germany)
• Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain)
• Helsinki University of Tech. for the F. Virtual Univ. (Finland)
• Umeå University (Sweden)
• Utrecht University (The Netherlands)
• Polish Virtual University (Poland)


Preparing universities for the ne(x)t generation of students

The eLene-Teaching and Learning Centre: a Europe-wide collaborative space for teachers, trainers, instructional designers and learners in educational ICT use to meet the skills, needs and expectations of the Internet-generation students. The eLene Teaching and Learning service Centre proposes:
– to extend teacher training services to a wide community of teachers;
– to open up the pedagogical services to students and instructional designers;
– to fully involve decision makers, ensuring effective circulation of information, decisions, practices.

Teachers and trainers (from eLene-TT): For the past two years the eLene partners have been working on the EU-funded project eLene-TT, training nearly 400 trainers and teaching staff in 9 countries and developing the TT Centre, an online resource centre giving free access to a wide range of tools, guidelines and other resources relating to Teacher Training and the pedagogical use of ICT. The project and network have already gained widespread recognition among peers and EU officials.

The maintenance of the TT Centre and the continuation of the eLene partnership have been secured for at least the following two years thanks to a new project: eLene TLC – Teaching and Learning service Centre, which was launched at the beginning of 2007 with eLearning programme funding from the EU EAC Commission.

Students: The project directly addresses the needs and expectations of students, feeding these back into the teaching community and thus enabling teachers and students to learn from each other.

Decision makers: A long-term operating model and a board of directors will be established for the eLene consortium with the aim of placing the provision of ICT training for university teachers on the agenda of decision makers in higher education policy in the EU and on the national level.

The project launch meeting took place at the end of February 2007 in Nancy, France, home of the project coordinators Université Nancy 2 –Vidéoscop, and will end in December 2008. A special event bringing together all stakeholders will be in Bremen (Germany) in April 17th and 18th 2008.


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