eLene -TT: e-Learning network for Teacher Training – English version

EU Programme
eLearning Programme – Call for proposals EAC/26/04 ‘Virtual campuses’

01/01/2005 – 31/12/2006


Canege, Université Nancy 2 (France)
UN2 – 9, rue Michel Ney – BP 30722 – 54064 Nancy cedex
Tel: 0033 (0) 383350909
Fax: 0033 (0) 383327481
Web site: http://www.univ-nancy2.fr/VIDEOSCOP/index.htm
Contact: Deborah Arnold
E-mail: deborah.arnold@univ-nancy2.fr


• Canege (France)
• Politecnico di Milano – METID (Italy)
• FVU/University of Helsinki (Finland)
• Umeå University (Sweden)
• Universität Bremen (Germany)
• Open University of Catalonia – UOC (Catalonia-Spain)
• Utrecht University (The Netherlands)
• Polish Virtual University (Poland)
• UK Healthcare Education Partnership (UK)


The driving idea behind the eLene-TT project is to improve the ability of HE teachers to make pedagogical use of ICT, through the development of a Virtual Learning Resource Centre providing guidelines and resources for both teacher trainers and teachers themselves and through student driven teacher training actions, pooling and testing tools and approaches developed by each of the partners in the wider European context. Improved teacher training is expected to have a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of the learning process of students and of teaching staff themselves.

The approach taken by the project is designed to provide concrete results beneficial to the European e-teaching community as a whole (institutions, teachers, tutors, facilitators, teacher trainers and instructional designers). Pooling and building on their experience, the partners will create a set of guidelines for good practice in teacher training and select appropriate tools and resources by means of documentary analysis and the review of existing teacher training practices. These initial guidelines, tools and resources will be tested in real teaching situations, the teachers participating in the experimental phase implementing the methods and approaches with their own students. Feedback from both teachers and students will be analysed and assessed in order to refine the guidelines and make a final selection of resources, all of which be made available to the wider e-teaching community via a specifically designed Virtual Learning Resource Centre. specific teacher training actions through local, national and European workshops combined with online collaborative work will be codesigned, delivered and tutored by the partners, to ensure the results of the project reach the widest possible audience.


1. The virtual learning resource centre – a specifically designed website containing the following elements:
– a structured, easily accessible repository of teacher training activities, guidelines, tools and resources and including a collaborative environment for e-teachers and teacher trainers;
– a public area of the website for external communication and dissemination of the project activities;
– a collaborative environment and knowledge management area for the partners’ own work and communication.
2. Teacher training actions: a series of local, national and European workshops and online courses.
3. Publication of research papers on the patterns of teacher training for e-learning and the skills required.
4. Dissemination actions at selected national and European events (conferences, seminars, exhibitions …).

993.278 EUR

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