Pos Matome Griko (Griko) – English version

EU Programme
Lifelong Learning Programme (2007 – 2013)

01/01/2011 – 31/12/2012


Agenzia per il Patrimonio Culturale Euromediterraneo
Via Libertini 15/a – Lecce (Italia)
Phone: +39 0832 301484
Web site: www.agenziaeuromed.it
Contact person: Dott. Mauro Martina
E-mail: mauro.martina@agenziaeuromed.it

• British Hellenic College (Gr)
• Alpha Pubblications (Gr)
• University of Cyprus (CY)
• Istituto di Culture Mediterranee (IT)


GRIKO: What is it?

Griko is a minority language, spoken in two linguistic islands of Southern Italy: in Calabria,in Bovesia and in Southern Apulia in the area known as Grecìa Salentina. It is composed by Doric words that prove its derivation from ancient Greek, as well as from medieval and modern Greek.

Griko is currently taught in primary and secondary schools of the areas where it is spoken, nevertheless, this minority language, for several economic and cultural reasons, is disappearing and, for this reasons , must be protected and preserved as precious heritage of the common Mediterranean culture.

The project Pos Matome Griko wants to enhance a new and renewed interest for Griko language, making its teaching and learning easy and interesting through the development of a modern and innovative teaching methodology, supported by multimedia tools applied to ‘language teaching.

The project team is composed by high profile international partners, with long experience in projecting and executing initiatives aiming at preserving and improving the value of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Heritage. They are: Agenzia per il Patrimonio Culturale Euromediterraneo (IT); British Hellenic College(Gr), Alpha Publications (Gr); University of Cyprus (CY); Istituto Culture Mediterranee (IT).

With the contribution of all the involved partners and with the Community funding we have projected an all new educational material, which is absolutely innovative for concept and methodology. The traditional educational tools as vocabularies, books, language courses for children and adults, are, in fact, supported by modern ICT applied to education: The website, the e-learning platform and the educational software are an essential part of the method and have been studied and designed to involve and catch the attention of younger people. Nevertheless, we have not forgotten adults who will have access to a comprehensive and integrated educational system for learning Griko at all levels.

The availability of modern teaching materials and the development of specific educational curricula are the strengths of the project to raise awareness on the important cultural and historical role played by Griko in everyday life and behavior of the Griko speaking population. For this reason this language can and must be protected and preserved.

Our program / teaching materials

– Griko Language and Grammar for children (6-15 years); Levels A1-A2 B1-B2 C1-C2
– Griko language and grammar for adult; Levels A1-A2 B1-B2 C1-C2
– Vocabulary Griko – Greek – Italian

Our goals and our intentions

– Promotion and enhancement of Griko minority language
– Promotion of linguistic, social and cultural diversity, leveraging the dissemination of a minority language in areas where it is spoken.
– Promotion and support of linguistic and cultural diversity through the promotion of a minority language and its cultural and sociological influences in the territories where it is spoken.
– Improving the educational resources of all institutions that are interested in teaching of Griko.
– Development of an innovative teaching method, result of a synthesis of tradition and technology.
– Improving the use of ICT in education, increasing interest, motivation and learning of the target groups (including students).

Our actions

– Development of a specific teaching methods(through the implementation of curricula) and educational materials for teaching modern Griko;
– Design and development of an internet portal for Griko and of an e-learning platform that will offer free access to educational materials and information on programs and courses.
– Courses for children and adults.
– Cultural workshops and seminars on Griko language and culture.
– Involvement of schools and municipalities in the Griko Speaking area of Salento.

Our targets/goals

– Students and teachers of schools in Griko Speaking areas
– Adults living in Grecìa Salentina area
– Grecìa Salentina Municipalities
– Universities: Department of Modern Greek Language and Culture
– Hellenic Community and Hellenic Cultural Centre in Italy
– In general, all those interested to learn and to deepen their knowledge of Griko, precious cultural and historical heritage of a glorious past that everyone has the duty to preserve and pass on to future generations

271.783 EUR

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