QTEL.NET – Matching Supply & Demands – Network for Sectoral Approach to Qualifications in Tourism at European Level – English version

EU Programme
Leonardo da Vinci Programme

November 2006 – November 2007


NAVET, Agenzia Nazionale della Formazione Bulgara
125 “Tzaqrigradsko shosse” blvd., 1113 – Sofia (Bulgaria)
Tel: (+ 359 2) 971 20 70 / (+ 359 2) 72 21 84
Web site: http://www.navet.government.bg/en/index.html
Contact: Maria Antova
E-mail: m.antova@navet.government.bg


• COFIMP – Bologna (Italy) – Carla TolomelliAgnese Tassinari
• The Bulgarian Tourist Chamber in Bulgaria (BTC) – Bulgaria
• ZNANIE Association – Sofia, Bulgaria
• Unified Vocational Training Centre of of the Prefecture of Cycladic Islands (KEK) – Greece
• SQA – Scotland


The QTEL.NET project addresses the issue of the quality of VET systems and practices and its role of a major contribution to the progress towards the transformation, modernisation and adaptation of the European Education and Training systems, by exploring the issue of matching between training demand and training provision.

QTEL.NET works on sectoral level, focused on the sector of tourism and hospitality, and aims to:

— analyse the existing mechanisms by capturing and classifying examples of good practices;
— compare & distil from the information the success factors in the various systems
— develop practical sets of reference indicators based on the success factors using the CQAF approach.

The QTEL.NET products:

– On-line Collection of good practices as reference models for exchange and transfer.
– Success Factors & Success Indicators Charts for improving the match between qualification demands and training provision.
– Practical Guidelines for actors at policy, social dialogue and provision level.

96.336 EUR

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