SEE IFA – South-East European Co-operation of Innovation and Finance Agencies – English version

EU Programme
European Territorial Cooperation – South East Europe

March 2009 – April 2012

AWS – Austrian Wirtschaftsservice Gmbh (Austria)


• Finlombarda SpA (Italy)
• Regione Veneto (Italy)
• EPF – Euro Perspectives Foundation (Bulgaria)
• Georama (Greece)
• TETALAP- Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation (Hungary)
• UEFISCDI – Executive Agency for higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (Romania)
• SID – Slovene Export and Development Bank Inc, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
• FME – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” (Former Jugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
• AZRA – Varazdin County Development Agency (Croatia)
• RDA Banat – Regional Agency for Socio-Economic Development – Banat (Serbia)


The project aims to promote measures to support innovation for SMEs in South East Europe through the creation of a platform of knowledge and know-how (the partners’ network SEE IFA) with the aim of providing new programs and financial instruments in the field of innovation and create new structures for the financing of innovative SMEs in the area.

The project follows these phases of activities :

• Identification of needs for innovation and technological support to SMEs through the analysis of policies and programs of R & D at EU, national and regional level;
• Recognition of innovative financial instruments and pre-feasibility studies to develop and transfer new models / instruments of R & TD dedicated to project partners;
• Identifying new funding opportunities for innovation and development of a Fund for patenting;
• Implementation of a pilot project for creating an agency to support innovation in South-East;
• Staff exchanges, mentoring, training and organization of study visits to enhance the technical skills and capacity building of project partners;
• dissemination of project results.

At the end of the project activities, a certain number of results have been so far achieved: the adoption of a new financial instrument in the region of Varazdin (Croatia), the establishment of a new agency for innovation in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 5 training sessions specifically dedicated to project managers dealing with innovation programs within the partner organizations, the realization of 2 study visits held in Italy and Austria and an intensive exchange of staff through the implementation of 3 internships within the Lead Partners’ organization.

2.216.821,25 EUR

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