EU Programme
Lifelong Learning Programme (2007 – 2013)

01/01/2008 – 31/12/2009


Dott. Mauro Martina
Via Libertini, 15/A – Lecce (LE) Italia
Phone: 0832.301484 – 335.7800828
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Contact: Dott. Mauro Martina


• Hellenic Educational and Development Association – Grecia
• European centre of education and development Ltd – Bulgaria
• Elea LTD – Grecia
• Università di Iasi – Romania
• Università di Murcia – Spagna
• Hellenic community of Latria – Lituania
• Agenzia per il patrimonio culturale euromediterraneo – Italia


The project’s main idea was that many Greek words could be found in many languages, something that could be the springboard and the incentive for the teaching of the Greek language. The dissemination of the Greek language was obtained through the sciences, the grammar of the ancient Greek language and through the Bible. Indicative out that the Oxford University includes 10.500 Greek words and the sum of the Greek words in English are 136.000. Nevertheless, the Greek language is still regarded by European citizens unintelligible and difficult to learn. Due to this difficulty many teachers were referred to the ‘common’ words during the tuition, in order to create a familiarity of the students with the Greek language. Unfortunately, up to now this methodology has not been systemised.

Through this methodology and material, our aim is to promote the learning of the Greek language and also to highlight the common elements of the European languages. We believe that our methodology and our material are appropriate for the achievement of our objectives as: The emergence of those words of Greek origin in the languages of target-groups will be helpful, concerning the familiarity with this language and the overcome of any difficulties. The emergence of those common words among the European languages, as they will focus on the common elements and not on the differences. The supply of the educational materials in both printed and electronic form will make this project suitable for teaching in class or even self-learning, so that it will be attractive for people of all ages and for employees, as well as for persons with disabilities.

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